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Help with Data in Game

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Hello everyone !  

I am new in Phaser, and I have some simple game on Phaser 2.  

And problem in what I have in  game the target with some health, and the game end`s when targets health equal to zero, but then i go back to main menu and when I again go to game state the targets health already equal to zero.


1) Targets settings:

class Target {
  constructor(health, viewPath) { = health;
    this.viewPath = viewPath;
  hit() { -= 5;

// creating Targets
let wooden = new Target(10, "assets/targ.png");
let bear = new Target(20, "assets/targ1.png");
let celts = new Target(30, "assets/targ2.png");
let north = new Target(40, "assets/target3.jpg");

export const targets = {


2) Game Preload:

preload() {
    // Array of targets
    this.enemyGroup = [
    this.enemy = null;
    // Set Level Settings
    this.levelGroup = [level.level1, level.level2, level.level3, level.level4];
    this.levelData = this.levelGroup[+currentLevel];
    // Get the current enemy
    this.enemy = Object.assign(
      this.enemyGroup[enemyCounter < 4 ? enemyCounter : 0]
    // loading assets
    this.load.image("target", this.enemy.viewPath);
      UserWeapon.knife !== undefined
        ? UserWeapon.knife
        : "../../assets/knife3.png"
    this.load.spritesheet("coin", coin, 70, 96);


How to correctly save data between states and update data.

Can you help with this problem, please!!) 

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@Appolos you should have global object which will be accessable from all states. I assume you have global variable game, so you can create another global object like profile = {health:100, coin:0} and store all data there. I personally prefer to store all global objects within game object. So it looks like game.profile = {health:100, coin:0} and I also have game.translate_manager, game.tween_manager and etc. Those objects are kind of libraries, they store data during the game and can be easily accessed because game object isaccessable everywhere :) probably I should use plugin property instead but official doc gives little guids regarding game structure.

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