[Phaser 2] Mini MrDriller

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Good news everyone!

Recently our team was able to collaborate with guys from Bandai Namco (creators of famous game series like Pacman, DragonBall , Tekken and many more).

We have created a web version of a good ol' arcade game MrDriller.

Please take a look and let me know what do you think - https://robowhale.com/games/mini-mrdriller/





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@qdrj, I took an old device and ran it.

You can see what's going on from the video. This device supports WebGL (as I remember) 'cause it flickers in WebGL mode only (in Canvas all is fine).


As I use Phaser I can say what should be done for Phaser only.


When you create your game variable set preserveDrawingBuffer: true.

That's the only feedback I can give you for now.

By the way, you can see that fps is slow. No worries, it was quite fine before. Just many tasks was running on this device at the moment of video recording.

Hope this feedback is helpful.

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