How to use GPU memory during scrolling?

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I'm rendering the content of some PNG's via a 4096 by 4096 RenderTexture, to cram all of it in the GPU memory, for scrolling usage. As each column should be 1024 pixels wide I can store a maximum of 16384 pixels of height to scroll through. I use 4096 as width and height because of

But what to do if I want more than 16384 pixels to scroll through in one go?

Suddenly realised:
Should I just use some extra texture(s) of 4096 by 4096? It looks like a maximum of 8 textures is a safe bet:

Or is there a better approach?

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12 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

1 drawcall can contain MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS. for PC 200 DC is fine, for mobiles 50DC.

However, of you render only visible parts (set "renderable" property for those objects) , you'll need only 1-4 textures on screen, right?

Ah, didn't know that it was only about drawcalls, that limitation.

And yes, I certainly don't need much more than 1-4 textures on-screen!

Thanks again!

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