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Virtual Joystick plugin

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9 hours ago, enpu said:

Hello @BillyKane and welcome to Panda forums!

Thanks for your feedback. There are different buttons in the Essentials plugin:

What exactly do you mean by "two finger touchpad"?

I think that he means Multi-Touch. right?? @BillyKane
My case:
the joystick of movement control on left hand side, the shoot button on right hand side of screen.
when I hold movement joystick and touch the ''shoot  button" on mobile.
it have an effect on movement control.
My solution is disable joystick's mousedown function on right hand side of screen.
(but I’m Not Sure Is it the best way to solve the problem)
open the joystick.js file , and try this code on update 
update: function() {
        if(game.input.mouse.x < 550){
        if (! return;
        var angle = this._mouseDownPos.angle(game.input.mouse);
        var dist = this._mouseDownPos.distance(game.input.mouse);
        var radius =[0].shape.radius / 2;
        if (dist > radius) dist = radius;
        this.pad.position.x = Math.cos(angle) * dist;
        this.pad.position.y = Math.sin(angle) * dist;
        this.axis.x = this.pad.position.x / radius;
        this.axis.y = this.pad.position.y / radius;



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