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Hey Everyone,


Even though development on it finished over 2 months ago, it took a while to be released. 

I thought I would share a client project which I created while at Ogilvy & Mather for IBM just before the end of the year.


It is a physics puzzle game called FlexFrenzy.

The idea is to move the 'Flex' pieces into place such that the data can get from to the datacenter(s).


Built using Phaser.js 

Physics powered by Chipmunk.js port (

Additional modifications added to support Magnets / Repellers / Portals

Component based entity system

25 levels of increasingly difficulty


If there is anything in the game anyone would like me to discuss in more detail, let me know!







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I agree, great puzzle game. :) It's an IBM advert game, but it could as well be an app store puzzle game.


Two things though; maybe move level 22 so it's the last level (or second last). At least I thought level 22 was the most difficult one. And when you completed all levels you just go to the level select, so it can use an end-screen "congratulations, you win" or something like that.

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