Take a screenshot to hide the change of state

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Hello everyone! I'm trying to accomplish the following task:

- When there is a change of state I want to take a screenshot of the canvas, show to the user while the state is changing.

Now I read that I should use canvas.toDataURL to obtain the base64 encoded Image. I can't understand the steps to accomplish this task.

1) I save the URL with canvas.toDataURL().

2) I should convert the base64 to an image right?

3) I should add the Image to the cache OR i Should do a load.image? 

4) The operation should be async right? Because in my trying the debugger console is saying that the image hasn't been retrieved and I don't understand how I can make toDataURL (or the conversion from base64 to png) async because there are no methods.


Thanks for the help! 

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As there are no states anymore, and you can run multiple scenes simultaneously, I think your question may be moot.  But, if you do want to capture an image of your current scene, you could do so with a RenderTexture.

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