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@Deltakosh Now I see. It became much better however I still get the perspective distortion (which seems obvious because the cubemap is built by looking from one point).

Is there a way to make the same using mirrors or maybe there is another hack? The usecase is being inside of a mirror box.



I think I've found a solution. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I should emulate the reflection by placing a probe not on the plane but behind it depending on the position of the camera.

So if a reflective plane is a 1x1 plane with center at (0,0,0) having normal (0,0,-1) and camera is at (x, y, z) then the reflection probe location should be set to (-x, y, -z)

Edit 2:

This does not seem to work. (

Edit 3:

Now it's getting somewhere:

But the second reflection in wrong because it is captured considering the camera position and in the mirror the position. I will try using different mesh with layerMask for the reflections. Thx for tips

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