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Need help in clock fuction i have added the code in my web app but not working like watch

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i have issue in 3d analog clock i have export 3d watch from blender everything done just need to work on clock function my  also fucntion is also done but its not working like clock please check the video and help me out  

and i have this code for  clock function all Object piviot point is center but clock function not working perfectly please Check and help me out please   


    scene.registerBeforeRender(function () {
         var date = new Date();
        var hour = date.getHours() % 12; 
        var minute = date.getMinutes() ; 
        var second = date.getSeconds() ; 
        hand_sec.rotation.y = (second/60.)*minute.*Math.PI/180.;
 hand_min.rotation.y = (minute/60.)*360.*Math.PI/180.;
 hand_hour.rotation.y = (hour/12.)*360.*Math.PI/180.;

            });   // this is code i have add  but not working 


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