Can anyone find baking in 2.80?

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I am thinking that I might make an AbstractMaterial class, which would handle baking, assuming that the API is the same regardless whether EEVEE or Cycles.  Fingers crossed, since baking was renderer dependent before, which sucked.

Then make 2 sub-classes, STDMaterial & PBRMaterial, assuming a PBR can use bake textures.

Big problem in trying to detect if baking is the same across renderers is I cannot find any user interface on baking, just output.  Any one have a clue?  This is the Render Tab, where baking used to be:


FYI, this is not an old build.  I just got tired of looking at those awful new default colors, so I set theme back to 2.79

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After few tests on the last build, it looks like texture baking is not accessible through the UI.

I know they still broke some things until they get to beta, so maybe it's kind of temporary deactivation (I hope 😀)

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Ok, I thought I had tried that.  See it now.  Have thought some more.  Since both EEVEE & Cycles use the same nodes, I do not really need both to bake.  When there is something to cause baking to be required, I can just always just switch to Cycles, if not already.  EEVEE is just designed to render much faster, but perhaps it is being accomplished in part by not having overhead which would be required to bake.

On the question of PBR materials that need to be baked.  If you look inside the "Bake Type" dropdown, there is now roughness & environment types.  That means if Diffuse was selected it would not have roughness or the environment included.

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