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Hey everyone,

    I am trying to use assetManager to preload as much as I can.  I already have it preloading all of my sounds.  However when trying to preload gui elements (specifically gui images) i get stuck.  I can use addImageTask to get a HTMLImageElement, however i dont know how to make that into a gui element.


Any ideas? :D 

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26 minutes ago, Deltakosh said:


here is how you can do it:

Thanks DK that works great!! :D 

Just for future reference (as im sure i will forget sooner or later) here is how i ended up doing it with assetsManager

Thanks again!

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45 minutes ago, Sebavan said:

You could probably rely on TextFileAssetTask and once the task is done fill the ShaderStore with your custom shaders ?

hmm, im not sure i understand what you mean.  To clarify(as i am a novice and want to make sure we are on the same page), i have shaders saved as shaderName.vertex.fx and shaderName.fragment.fx, i want to load them with other preloaded assets, just to make the game a bit smoother on initial load in.  I plan on saving them to a global object/global variable in my project.  

How i have the shaders implemented already is (with having the shaders save like above) i use


new BABYLON.ShaderMaterial("",scene, shaderPath, {attributes:[], uniforms:[]});


That works great, however i dont use shader store.


So what you are saying is i could use textFileAsset task then use that as the fragment and vertex files or use that text to write to shaderstore?


Im not sure i would do that as it seems somewhat complicated for little gain (i have 4 shaders so loaded files)

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