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I've been experimenting with a tool for shoppers so they can create their bodyshape in realtime and see which clothes fit them (whether that's a viable platform or not depends on the what the shoppers think)

Here is the LIVE demo: https://punkoffice.com/bodyshape

There was a bit of stuffing around to make this work.  I had to separate the body-parts into polygroups.  To do this I needed to add code to the Blender exporter so it would export vertex groups.  Then I added code to the Babylon.js library to be able to parse the vertex groups from the exported JSON file.  I've got a base model and an overweight model and I'm basically morphing polygroups from base to overweight.  The girl was a housemate that I scanned but her bodyshape is a female from MakeHuman http://www.makehumancommunity.org/.  The overweight morph target was also made in MakeHuman.  I use Wrap from these guys https://www.russian3dscanner.com/ so I can change the topology of my scans to another topology (in this case, the MakeHuman avatar).

This is all done via the CPU.  Maybe a better coder than me can get it working on the GPU.


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