How this model is designed?

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Hi @Deltakosh

I have gone thru this demo. https://www.babylonjs.com/demos/espilit/

It is amazing. The clarity is excellent. So far, what ever the model I design in 3DS Max or Maya,  once I export it to .babylon or .gltf, I am losing the clarity.  

I would like to know

1. What 3D tool is used to design this model.

2. Is the .babylon file edited (may be in babylonjs editor) after it is exported.

Thanks in advance.  

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Agree it's a great scene. With care it should be possible to achieve this result with most 3D packages. You'd need to bake light maps, apply environment/reflection maps to glass & floor and apply post process glow (in Babylon) to bright light sources. These are older techniques but still look and perform great.

With the newer PBR materials you'd be able to get even greater photorealism and more dynamic lighting and effects for architectural scenes, at the cost of some performance.

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