Endless Cave - How far can you run?

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Play Link: Endless Cave HTML Game
Free Download from PlayStore: Endless Cave Android


Hey guys I'm doing a series where I create a mobile game from scratch with Phaser 3!

Game Update List

Update 0.0.1: Game is fully playable now, but without Tutorial or Achievements.
Update 0.0.2: Achievements are up and running!
Update 0.0.3: Tutorial added!
Update 1.0.0: Game is RELEASED
Update 1.x.x: Android App is now on the PlayStore!

Update 1.2.0: New Cave Maps, New Player Skins, and even Potions added to the game!
Update 1.2.2: Each Cave Map now has unique Monsters!
Update 1.2.3: New Cave Map added: "Lab Cave", with 2 unique monsters. Also added a brand new player skin called "Kiklop"!

Game Link: Endless Cave HTML5 Game
Free Download from PlayStore: Endless Cave Android


The game is called Endless Cave and it's best described as an endless runner with some dungeon crawler elements! And the series is basically a mixture of a vlog / blog / tutorials where I go from zero all the way to porting the game to Android and iOS.

Here is the link to the web version of the game: Endless Cave HTML5 Game.
You can also download the App from the PlayStore: Endless Cave Android Game.

And below you'll find the links to the tutorial series about creating a mobile game from scratch with Phaser 3.

Tutorial Series

Overview: All Video Episodes on YouTube
Overview: All Written Episodes on my Dev Blog

Episode 01: Market Research
Episode 02: 2D Game Art
Episode 03How to Set Up a Mobile Game with Phaser 3
Episode 3.5: How to Set Up a Phaser 3 Game - Re-Explained
Episode 04How to Create a Loading Screen with Phaser 3
Episode 05: How to Create the Main Menu with Phaser 3 Scenes
Episode 06: How to Create an Endless Scrolling Floor Background
Episode 07: Add Entities & Player to the Phaser 3 Mobile Game Pt. 1
Episode 08: How to Create Sprite Animations in Phaser 3
Episode 09: How to Create Touch Controls & Mouse Controls
Episode 10: How to Create Improved Player Controls to Make the Player Turn
Episode 11: How to Create Randomized Levels
Episode 12: Procedurally Add Infinite Rooms to the Level
Episode 13: Create & Handle Walls Collision Detection
Episode 14: How to Handle Player Deaths
Episode 15: Creating the Main User Interface
Episode 16: Button Prefab for All Your Phaser 3 Games
Episode 17: How to Create a Pause Screen

More Updates

I'm also posting as many gifs & pictures as I can on my Twitter and my Instagram.

I'll keep updating this thread as the game progresses and new episodes are coming out. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know!

Thanks so much for checking it out! 🙏

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1 hour ago, kpded said:

The game looks nice! Great job

Thanks :D Well there's still a lot missing it's in a very early stage. But the video series takes a ton of time to produce in parallel.

1 hour ago, kpded said:

It seems to hang on a restart screen in fullscreen mode. I'm using Ubuntu and Chrome

There is currently a bug where it can happen that a monster spawns on a tile that is not part of the grid. When that happens, it cannot calculate a path because it is surrounded by "unwalkable" tiles. Consequently it ends up in an infinite loop trying to find a path to patrol on. I've sat down this moment to start fixing it :P

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Hi jamespierce

It's nice little game and going well on my old Samsung J5 android 5.1.1     I got 223 score :)
But I didn't find LeaderBoard or it isn't available on android yet? Are you planning to add in-game leaderboard?
For some reasons on "Achievements" Layout/page It's becoming very laggy (I barely can slide it). I think on pause you can add "menu" button as well (i know that I can just kill myself and choosing "menu" but anyway). And I didn't like the game Icon I know it's minimalist pixel game, but the Icon absolutely not attractive and unremarkable IMHO

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Hey @Nagval333 thank you for your detailed feedback! I am very grateful for your openness, it helps me improve! Thanks for playing the game also and also enjoying it overall, that's great news :D

Leaderboard: I've just pushed the new Android Version to the PlayStore, which includes the in-game leaderboard! I don't know how long it takes to update in the PlayStore but once the update goes live you should see the button in your Main Menu. That's the advantage of the web version of the game, the update is instantly available :D So if all you wanna do is have a look at the leaderboard, you could already do that in the web version of the game.

Achievements Page: Hmmm that is very unfortunate, I cannot replicate the laggy sliding on any of my mobile devices but maybe they are too new and have too powerful hardware. Let me think about how I could optimize the scrolling code!

Pause Screen: Okay I will add the Menu button!

Icon: Big thanks for pointing that out! To be honest, I have kind of forgotten about that icon... and I agree, it could definitely be improved! I'm really bad at drawing (still practicing) and I've drawn everything in the game myself (except for the Pixel Font, which is credited on the Info page). I'll have to think about how I can make a nicer icon but that is definitely a top priority task.

Thanks again so much for your feedback!

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Hi @jamespierce

After updating the app a leaderboard was appeared.
But there is some issues on app version, when the internet connection is missing, instead of ads appears black screen and the game stuck, the only solution is to close app.
The sound off/on button missing on menu page, so we have to launch game session, paused it and only after this the button appears (the game make some sounds on start button click and play session start, this can be uncomfortable in some situation)... And the game always started with the sound on even if I chose off last time.

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