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MAZE game using an HTML5 P-code Engine

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There is a MAZE game at The game uses a p-code. The p-code was written in HTML5 JavaScript.

The home page is

Find a PATH through the MAZE from the left side (RED BOX) to the right side (GREEN BOX). There are over a hundred ROOMS in the MAZE. A ROOM can have one exit door, 2 exit doors, or no exit doors. If the ROOM does not have an exit door, it is a DEAD END. If you come to a DEAD END, you must backtrack until you find another exit door. There is only one TRUE PATH from the RED SQUARE to the GREEN SQUARE. There are 100 different games.

This game is written in a p-code. The p-code is executed by a p-code engine. If you click on PROGRAM in the RED STRIPE at the top, you can view the p-code programs. The p-code engine can execute the programs and it can edit the programs.There is a DATA option that allows you to see the program's data as it is being executed. There is a TRAIL option that allows you to execute the program in small steps. There is an RT, Real Time, option that allows you to change the program as it is executing. There are many YouTube videos that will show you how it works.



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