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Fbapp-config questions

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I have some questions/suggestions for the fbapp-config file:

1. When you introduced NAV_FLOATING you made this file mandatory. I think it would be better if you created a new setting in the Dashboard, close to the Orientation, where you define NAVBAR.
So the Fbapp-config will only be needed if you for some build will use other settings than the standard game setting. This NAVBAR setting should work in the same way as the orientation one.

2. Now when OPT_IN is live for all games, this should not be needed in the fbapp-config file. This should be the standard for all apps. Maybe possible to choose OPT_IN_DEV in the fbappconfig, when you try it out before going live. But OPT_IN_PUBLIC in the config file should not be needed.

3. updateAsync template, how is this supposed to be set up in the fbapp-config file, and why do you need it? I don't see any different behavior if you have a "template" specified in it or if you don't? Does it exist any "standard" templates for updateAsync we can point to in the game code, that has different designs? For me all messages sent seems to lok the exact same, regardless of what you type in as template, and regardless if you have something in the fbapp-config or not..



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Hi @fredriksthlm

Thank you for the feedback.

1- Let me escalate that to our product team.

2- Since Jan 21 2019, the OPT_IN setting is obsolete and has no effect anymore.

3- Let me escalate that too to our product team.

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