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Hey, guys!
Did anybody experience this problem with shareAsync?

Basically, it seems like shareAsync promise resolves too early and it also depends on a platform.
Here is how it looks like in my code:

			if (p_param) {
					.shareAsync( p_param )
					.then( function() {

						console.log( "*** FBInstant.shareAsync() ok" );
						if (p_callback) p_callback( null );
					.catch(function( p_err ) {
						console.log( "*** FBInstant.shareAsync() failed: " );
						console.log( p_err );
						if (p_callback) p_callback( p_err );
			else {
				console.log( "***UPDATE_ASYNC: invalid parameter" );
So, on: 
1 On mobile I get *** FBInstant.shareAsync() ok  
whenever I tap on empty part of the screen in order to close native sharing dialog.
2 On PC I get *** FBInstant.shareAsync() ok  
whenever I click on Share button while native Fb dialog is being opened. Along with that, Fb throws some POST exceptions (screenshot is attached)
I feel like instead, regardless of two cases, I should get *** FBInstant.shareAsync() ok whenever a user clicks Share button (in native window) and 
*** FBInstant.shareAsync() failed  whenever he closes the native dialog. And, of course, no exceptions :) 
Any feedback is appreciated!

Instant Games 2019-01-22 18-39-09.png

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