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Hi People,

This is not a Phaser or html5 specific question.

I am developing a educational game that is mainly a quiz with branching drill and practice type questions, but I am having a hard time finding other developers who have made such things (they do exist) or open source engines that I can use/adapt...

Is there are forum like this one for educational games developers? as well as techy support it would be good for networking to meet others in the industry/domain.

we can always set up a forum if there's a few of us


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We don't differentiate by game type, although there is a Coding and Game Design sub-forum that also has subs for 2d, 3d and audio specific questions.

Most games have very similar questions, so the Coding & Game Design forum would be a good place for any design/implementation questions when you aren't using one of the specific framework forums (like Phaser, Babylon etc).

I've made quiz-style things a couple of times, I'm sure a few others here will have also, its very similar to conversation-trees in, for example, an RPG game.

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