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Released: Orestis 3D Pathfinding

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Navigation mesh generation inside the PlayCanvas editor in seconds and a 3D pathfinding runtime to animate any entity on a path.

Get it here!

Easily created navigation zones, find paths and animate your entities on them. Play with it on our playground here!


  • Navigation mesh generation inside the PlayCanvas Editor using Recast, all settings are exposed to tweak.
  • The source .obj of each navigation mesh is added to your project. You can easily download and further edit it.
  • Parse any number of selected entities or even the whole scene.
  • Easily manage your pathfinding zones, simple API to switch active zone on runtime.
  • Pathfinding runtime API to find paths and animate entities on them.
  • THREE-Pathfinding is used as the pathfinding solver.

View the documentation here.

By subscribing to this product you get access to an editor extension that can easily generate navigation meshes inside the PlayCanvas editor.

In addition you get full source code access to all run-time scripts and the THREE-Pathfinding solver.

All navigation meshes generated are yours to keep, even after your subscription has ended.






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