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Released: Aphrodite Starter Kit Animated Camera Orbit

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A PlayCanvas ready to play starter kit with an animated camera orbit script that uses easy to setup position and look at points.

See a live sample here!


A complete PlayCanvas project is forked and added to your account. You will be receiving a ready to play project and access to the full source code.

You can use it to quickly create animated paths for product configurators, architectural visualizations or game cut-scenes.

Features list:

  • Easily setup an animated path by providing a list of points.
  • Control fully where the camera looks at by creating a second list of look at points. That’s it, you now have an animated path!
  • Based on the standard PlayCanvas model viewer Orbit Camera scripts with support for zoom, pan and orbit in both desktop and mobile.
  • Uses the PlayCanvas tween.js library to smoothly interpolate between points.
  • On each rest point between animations you can freely orbit, pan and zoom. As soon as the animation resumes the camera will be smoothly animated in place.
  • Easy to understand source code, exposing pc.Events to start the animation from any script.

Get it now here:




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