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function of the Sprite Object not recognized

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Hello everyone, 


i'm facing an issue pretty weird discovering the melonJS framework following the space invaders tutorial. When i try to implement the player movement actions, i get a problem on the clamp function of the Sprite Object. I'm more from the TypeScript world so not really used to the old way making objects on js, but i verified the melonjs.js file, and the function seems to be implemented well into the object. I use the last release of the boilerplate by the way. 


Thanks in advance. 


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Hi, since the 6.0.0 version we sandboxed all previous extensions under our me namespace :

As a consequence the clamp method is since then only available through me.Math.clamp()

rather do : pos.x = me.Math.clamp(val, min, man) should fix your issue.

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