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ES6 code in pixi bundle causing errors in Safari 9 and IE11

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Hey guys!

I need to have my site working in Safari 9 and IE11 but I've noticed that there is ES6 code in the pixi.js bundle. Has anybody else encountered this?

Looks like it's coming from the mini-signals dependency.

I have tried adding pixi.js and mini-signals to my include config for babel-loader but it's still not being transpiled.

Any ideas of a solution?

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In my project I am importing pixi as:

import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js';

Should I be doing it differently to get non ES6?

The only ES6 code is coming from the mini-signals dependency in pixi. There is no ES6 code anywhere else within the pixi.js bundle.

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How are you bundling? mini-signals exposes ES6 modules. Parcel uses these as standard, Webpack might also use that.

Might want to make sure your bundler is configured correctly, I looked through the link Ivan posted above and it all looks ES5 compliant in there so Pixi's rollup (which usually honours jsnext:main) doesn't look like the culprit. I suspect it could be due to your app bundler pulling mini-signals from node_modules.

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