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With easily over 50% of the market share of Facebook games now being held by "app-style" games like OMG, LOL, BAM, etc what do you guys think / know is the direction of Facebook instant games? These games are NOT games in the traditional sense we know. These games seem to be built as web apps and are driven mostly by UI like buttons, text boxes and images. I doubt they even use game engines. Their sudden arrival was a bit of surprise but from the market share they've taken, they seem to have delivered the KPIs Facebook required. They probably have great social KPIs.

It doesn't seem like Facebook has made an official statement on the matter, but what are your thoughts? Would they let everything be the way it is, would they re-brand the platform to something else non-gaming sounding, would they instead focus on these type of app style games because they tend to be more social in nature. What is a good idea for developers to focus on?

PS: While I don't like the newer style "games" because IMO they don't involve creative endeavour like in traditional games with real mechanics, I don't mean to criticise the platform or anything. Whatever works for them ;) I just wanted to know other developers' thoughts on this and what your plans are.


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