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Leaderboards not shown on Dashboard if created via API Endpoint

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If we create new Leaderboards manually using the Dashboard tool they show on the list of the App Dashboard.

Whereas if we create new Leaderboards using the Create Endpoint API they do not show on the list of the App Dashboard.

The Leaderboards do appear to function as expected, with setScoreAsync and getLeaderboardAsync working as if the Leaderboard had been manually created.  We've not exhaustively tested this ...

@Noel does this smell fishy to you?  Are we getting a false or unintended result?  Or should we go ahead and trust those invisible-Endpoint-created-Leaderboards?  Sadly there is no Endpoint to list them or delete them, but trying to create them again verifies their existence through Error 3408.  Thanks.

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@Noel thanks, the Facebook page you linked includes the reference to the "create" endpoint (just before "Step 2"):


Leaderboards can also be created using the Graph API using the Leaderboard Create endpoint.

Our use case is we run weekly "seasonal" Leaderboards and found the "reset" endpoint (date based) to be unsuitable for our goals.  In particular we want to archive results for historic seasons (not reset them), and we must correctly assign scores to their initiating season (rather than assign them to whichever season may be current at the time of their conclusion).  Because the SDK doesn't offer grouping or filtering of meta we instead create a new Leaderboard each week postfixed by the season number, with the game sending the players' scores to the appropriate Leaderboard (based on date).  These sequential Leaderboards can of course be created manually using the Dashboard tool, but the intention of using the endpoint is that we may, theoretically, automate this task and avoid potential for human error.  All appears to work well, except for the reported issue ... the endpoint created Leaderboards don't show on the Dashboard, whereas manually created ones do.

Might "list" or "delete" endpoints be in the works sometime soon?

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As an update for anyone else affected, it was confirmed that Endpoint created Leaderboards not showing on the App Dashboard is intentional (for now) and that the "invisible" Leaderboards can be trusted as reliable.  Currently there are no plans for new Leaderboard endpoints so, as a patch, we're thinking of extending our admin functions to include a proxy list (for future visibility and pseudo-delete).

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