p2 collision callback stopped working in 2.0 final release

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until the 2 days ago 

player.body.createGroupCallback(enemyCG, playerDie, this);

worked ..  also all other forms of collision callbacks worked (body callback, collides, etc)


the bodies collide but the callback is never fired..  didn't change a thing.. just phaser 1.2 to 2.0


i read the docs and it seems i've done everything right :(

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thx rich.. im studying the examples right now.. i just can't find the difference..  AND it worked 2 days ago with a clean build from your repo..  there must be some change that interferes with the rest of my code..  all collision work.. just not the callbacks...


i even started deleting everything unrelated ..   searching and reporting here  the moment i found something :)  


but if you have any idea what could have changed.. shoot!   thx very much!

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