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How to do hitTest in pandajs

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Use game.CollisionSolver's hitTest method: 

var solver = new game.CollisionSolver();var hitTest = solver.hitTest(bodyA, bodyB);

There is also instance of game.CollisionSolver on game.World: = new game.World();var hitTest =, bodyB);

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Thanks empu!


How I didn't know, I did something that it resolved.
take a look:
function hitTestPoint(a,  {	var dx = b.x - a.position.x;	var dy = b.y - (b.height-a.position.y);	var dist = Math.sqrt(dx*dx+dy*dy);	if (dist <= a.width / 2 + b.width/2) {		return true;	}	else {		return false;	}}

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