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Luis Felipe

Education and Games

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Hey everyone,


So for one of my uni classes, we're given the option to write a thesis type essay so I went with: "Games as a central support in education". (by games I refer to all types of games digital or not). 


First of all, I'd like to share a very interesting document I stumbled upon, it's quite an interesting read, specially if you're in the ed business:


But secondly, I'd like to open the floor to your opinions. What do you think about educations and games? Instead of  a massive syllabus, could the central support be multiple games/interactive experiences?


I remember how I learnt the English language, I was small but it was all entirely through games, yet now in my uni I was "forced" to take German (because the other option was Dutch but for some reason they didn't let me take it :( ), and my teacher uses NO games at all, and it really made me realise the importance of games and education.


Kids now a days are practically glued to tablets and phones, but what are they doing exactly? Playing, they love it! It's an excellent way to teach things I find, I find myself often having difficulties consentrating during lectures even though the core subject is super interesting. I feel that our way of learning is changing but the methods through which knowledge is transfered isn't at the same speed.


Would love to hear your input!

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Games can assist in the education and I guess there's no doubt with it. Also, I would say that not only games are helpful. There are lots of services which help students. For instance, on Edusson you can order different writing tasks such as essays, reports, articles, and so on. Students use such services quite often because it helps to save free time.

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