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Moon is a my first Phaser game... well if I'm entirely honest its pretty much the first proper game I have ever made other than a few experiments here and there. It is a take on the classic Lunar Lander.


Its intended for mobiles primarily, and is by no means completely finished. I need to add sound, a loading bar, iron out a few bugs, and add a lot of polish to menus and instructions etc but it is coming along nicely.  I am also considering implementing gyroscope controls if possible, but we will have to see how that goes  :P


It is pretty hard, I know, and I have actually been slowly decreasing the difficulty although I want to avoid making it too easy. 


I have used p2 for physics so it is a little performance heavy, but I have tested it on an iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 3rd gen, and HTC One all at 60fps so I am fairly pleased. On a very old and clogged up iPhone 4 it was still getting 30+ so not too bad.


Anyway you can play it here: Moon


I would love to hear what you think, and if you have any suggestion or discover a bug please let me know! Likewise if you have any questions about the game fire away  :D







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I like the art ant the whole concept, but ...


It's way to hard... and the black holes are killing most of the time... sometime there is a wall of UFO- 3 stacked to each other...

Also i tried moving slow but with all my around 10 attempts I've never could finish my fuel before crash.


And also the whole ship steering left right with the rotation is kind of hard ... did you thought about two other engines left and right

and when you press left or right to "strafe" the ship.


But hey generally I like you game and it was appealing enough to make me play and give my feedback. :)

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