[Phaser] Simple Shooter Game

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After knowing about lessmilk, I got so inspired that I too have decided to create a game a week. Atleast I would try to achieve that :D


Here is my first game in this series. It's a very basic simple shooter game made with some free art. I have used Phaser for this game. This may not be a good game but I wanted to atleast begin making games to get the confidence to make more games.

The code is available on github. I hope beginners can use it for learning purpose.

Play it here





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Could do with a little work I agree, but it's still quite fun :) definitely a great start. Will be interesting to see what you move on to next.



It would add a little realism to make the Background go reeeeeaalllyy slow, so it's barely noticable. Instead add some extra planets or something to the not-so-far-background which move faster, to show the speed.

Thanks guys for your precious advices :)

I have made a few changes.

* Slowed the background speed

* Added two stars layer for parallax effect



Can be Played here


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