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Hi everyone!


Clash of Cards is an 100% indie project, only two people are working under this game: my friend and I. We are focused on cards, their stats, abilities and game mechanic, that is why there are minor issues with interface, tutorials and so on.


As for gameplay, we have implemented only core things for now. Still Using creatures as a resource for casting & Wrtath of Orr mechanic are quite original features. Also card stat “speed” makes player think before playing creatures.


The Clan system will change the gameplay greatly. e.g. The deck of Wizard + Paladin (some clans can be combined) will differ from the deck of Pirate + Necromancer greatly. Even more they will have different non-battle gameplay.


I will open global map for intransigent clan war and will tell full story of Azoria. I understand that it will takes time, that is why I need support and feedback from developers and gamers communities. To make CCG with elegant and original game play is my dream for 4 last years. I pray we have enough strength to add all designed features into the project, cause its very global for such a small team. We have already sacrificed much to it.


Do not hesitate to drop me a line. I really need your opinion about the game  :)


Let CCGs rock!!






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The graphic looks beautiful! I can see the amount of effort you put into this.

I only playing for a moment, but several thing that I notice:

1. There's a lot of typo. Maybe you're not native speaker/write it in hurry, but sometimes it pull me out when I'm immersed by the games atmosphere.

2. The games is quite slow for me (asset loading time and gameplay response time/lag). I don't know if it's because your asset is very big, and/or the game is resource intensive.


Good luck with the games! I think it will find it's audience in various portal (like Steam and Kongregate) :)

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Thanx! I am not native speaker :) The gamers helps me to translate the game from time to time. We are working under performance, the art is quite heavy. I have published the game on Kongregate, but they are not allow to make full screen mode for my game :( So, the screen is very small.



Now we are porting the game on Facebook. At least we will get full screen mode there :) 

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