[2D Art] GUI artist for hire

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hi guys, i'm Laz, artist from stellar-Ø a small indie game team, we make games and do freelance as needed.


i am quite proficient on many stuff gamedev-related, quite a generalist artist, i can do various style/themes.

My favorite part on game graphics are pixel art animation, GUI, character design. currently i'll just focus on GUI design.


some things to make things clear:

  • at least 30/50% front payment before start working, currently not accepting profit sharing
  • usually i rate per screen design, including the final assets, if you prefer hourly rate, let me know.
  • price depends on project timeframe, theme/style, compexity, budget, poke/PM me ( i'll be open for discussion. :)

here is my GUI portfolio, for more/ better res, visit here.








thanks for checking in!

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