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Hi all,

I`m new to game development and I want present you my first project.

Conquest Online is  a very early version which I started to make about half year ago. It`s a turn based strategy browser game with gameplay similar to Heroes of Might and Magic or King`s Bounty series. The game already has all core features like:

- building cities

- recruiting army

- gathering resources

- battles

At the beginning i planned to make small experimental version to get familiar with some game dev technologies. However, since then game became relatively big and playable, so I have to decide whether to develop it further. There are  lot need to be done before the complete version could be released.

Most important features which i plan to implement are:

- multiplayer with PvP battles

- quests

- ranged units and mounted units

- generals

- items

- new buildings in city


Game is avaiable here.


At this stage of development i`ll be very grateful for Your opinion.



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