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Looking for HTML5 game studios!

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As I am looking for my second internship, I really want to find some HTML5 game studios at which I could apply for an internship. I figured you guys probably know a lot of HTML5 game studios :)

Some background about me:


I'm a 17 (soon to be 18) year old HTML5 game developer, studying game development in Eindhoven, Holland. After completing my first internship at Spil Games, I am looking for a second internship as a HTML5 Game Developer. I have experience with cross-platform HTML5 development and optimizing code for good performance on lower end devices. My portfolio can be found at (It still needs to be updated some more though!)


Anybody know some good HTML5 game development studios? Location of the studio doesn't really matter for now. :)

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Hey Riko, I just might have a place for you ;)


I work for Gembly B.V. and we are working hard on giving users the same experience on mobile, tablet and desktop for our games ( I can offer you an internship at our company which is located in Amsterdam. If you are interested you can give me a message through this board.

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