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This game is very well executed, so those are all points that go well beyond the 90% and/or are born out of my highly subjective first impressions.

Also i find it hard to recreate the mindset of a younger audience.


- Selected Blocks are very subtly hinted. Especially with the missing sound on chrome android.

- The unavailability of the order of selections the user made introduces an (unwanted?) cognitive challenge of remembering the selection order

- Pseudo 3D can be mistaken for another transparent block behind the actual block. At least i got thrown off the 3D illusion a few times.


- Score is very unobtrusive.

- Scores are hard to compare. It's also hard to reflect on my own skill progression. (which might present a very rewarding feeling for that kind of "functional" game)

- I see a great motivation in creating the longest possible combination of blocks. This is currently only weakly reinforced by scoring but at the same time attenuated by time. Might be worth exploring the perspective of a high level gameplay element.

- Time as one of the primary resources doesn't contribute much to the game.

- Anticlimactic Classic Mode. There is no "sudden death" like feeling that urges the player to respond more timely or more cautious. A clicking clock (for the last 10 seconds) or a "perform one last move" end would enhance the experience for me.

- Action mode shines! But for a younger audience... too steep increase in difficulty? Or maybe i suck at calculating.

Works well on Nexus 10 w/ chrome. Except for audio.

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Wow! I remeber how I played this game on fgl. Great game! HTML5 version looking as polished as the original. Just missing a bit that cool effect like opening twisting tincan (that was on flash). Runs well on desktop. Really haven't any critics ;)  Mabe just it's a little too easy at the beginig.

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This is very well executed! 

I'm new to html5, how did you make the scaling of the game and why don't number squares blur when scaled?


I don't do anything special. Maybe it's because I'm using slightly bigger resolution for the assets than is "usual" 600x730.


I also recently updated Brainie and switched from CreateJS to Phaser for better performance

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