Spectrum - HTML5 Portable Video Game Console

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Hello guys,


I'm here to show you my final project of my bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. The name of the project is Spectrum, and is a fully HTML5 based video game console that will run games in HTML5. The idea is the same of OUYA, but, with a different approach of systems and hardware. First, because it's a portable (ok, will be) and it's running on a Linux embedded in the Raspberry Pi platform, using Qt to handle with low level programming and the rest it's the good Tri-Force: HTML5 + JS + CSS. It's designed to run with ANY frameworks and engines released in the game market, so be free to develop your game as you wish!


More information are comming and I'll keep you guys informed!


In this video, I'm testing the controllers feedback, and it's running without lag, 100% of immediate response! :) I'm using melonJS but it's planning to be developed a "game" using Phaser and one other framework, to prove that my SDK and platform are generics!


Here my site: (pt-br only sorry :( ... I'll change this soon)


Thank you for watching!


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Just wondering but what are the specs of the device? Is it reliant to the raspberry pi?


If it is, doesn't that mean only very minimal games can actually run on it? Or do you have plans to kick up the performance?


Other then that, it's really cool.

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Its interesting project but what is the purpose of such portable system? HTML supported on almost every device out there, and we have tablets already in the market and widely in use  :mellow:  So creating such console could only be for once's own amusement or to test technical prowess 

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