Phaser Functions with parameters in state issue

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Hi guys,



Maybe a silly question, but I recently started using States in my game and now I am converting my functions to work with states.


The functions without parameters work fine, but the ones with parameters don't.


For example, when I call:


this.createBullet(x, y);


I get the error:

Uncaught typeError: undefined is not a function.


The function createBullet(x, y) does exist, it is created like this:

createBullet: function(x, y) {

      // blablabla content of function



p.s. these functions are in my Game.js state


Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

It has to be a silly mistake but I don't know how to fix it :(





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undefined issues mean if you have a firebullet function and are trying to instantiate it, you dont call fireBullet(); it is called with:

update: function(){fireBullet(); // without states this works, in states, nothis.fireBullet(); // this is for state like set ups.}

There should be no need for extra parameters, it must be the way you are calling the function. Use this.fireBullet(); [Example] instead of firebullet();

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I get that, but some of my functions need to have a couple of variables to work.


Normally, when I want to execute a certain function with parameters I would just call:



I know that at states you have to use this.function if the function is inside of the game.

So then I would call this.function(a)


However when I do that I get the error

Uncaught typeError: undefined is not a function
The function(a) does exist.
It might be that the context I'm using the function in is wrong, and not the function itself.
I'm using it within a socket.on like:

socket.on('newBullet', function(data) {

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Parameters aren't the cause of your problem I doubt, much more likely a scope issue. You need to show some actual code, it's hard to guess from posts alone. But the following is plucked from a game I'm working on (and abstracted down heavily to make it clear), may have some pointers:

TimesOfLores.Game = function (game) { = game;;    this.player;};TimesOfLores.Game.prototype = {    create: function () { = new TimesOfLores.Map(this);        this.player = new TimesOfLores.Player(this);        TimesOfLores.cursors.up.onDown.add(this.moveForward, this);    },    moveForward: function () {        this.checkExit(this.player.x, this.player.y);    },    checkExit: function (x, y) {        if (, y))        {             this.player.moveForward();        }    }};

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	    socket.on('newBullet', function(data) {	    	this.createBullet(data);	    });

Your 'this' reference within the anonymous function refers to itself, not the scope outside of the socket callback. Generally the way around this is to do 'var self = this;' within the correct scope, and then call 'self.createBullet(data);' instead.

            var self = this; // ensure 'self' is the desired context, as 'this' will change depending on where you call it	    socket.on('newBullet', function(data) {	    	self.createBullet(data);	    });

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You can call it anything, I tend to use 'self' but '_this' or 'that' are other common replacements. I tend to put 'var self = this;' at the top of my functions so that I can access that scope from inside the many anonymous functions I tend to end up using. Handily, Phaser's signals allow you to specify a context so it's not necessary for those, e.g., function() {; // is still accessible because...}, this); // ... the last parameter specifies the scope of the anonymous function

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