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touchmove not being called until after touching another sprite

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I have an object that contains a Sprite and I set that sprite to be interactive and set all the interaction callbacks however when I add a few of them to my scene I must touch the last added one before the other's will send the touchmove event (touchstart, and touched are still being called).


The mouse events are called fine when played in a browser, this issue arises when I play on my iOS devices.



NameSpace.MySprite = function(){    this.selected = this.selected.bind(this);    this.dragged = this.dragged.bind(this);    this.deselected = this.deselected.bind(this);    this.sprite = PIXI.Sprite.fromFrame("sprite01.png");    this.sprite.interactive = true;    this.sprite.mousedown = this.sprite.touchstart = this.selected;    this.sprite.mousemove = this.sprite.touchmove = this.dragged;    this.sprite.mouseup = this.sprite.mouseupoutside = this.sprite.touchendoutside = this.sprite.touchend = this.deselected;}NameSpace.MySprite.prototype.constructor = NameSpace.MySprite;NameSpace.MySprite.prototype.selected = function(data){ = data;    this.dragging = true;};NameSpace.MySprite.prototype.dragged = function(){    if(this.dragging)    {        this.destinationX =;    }};NameSpace.MySprite.prototype.deselected = function(){    this.destinationX = this.sprite.position.x;    this.dragging = false; = null;};

Create MySprites

this.sprites = [];var sprite = null;for(var i = 0, spriteCount = 5; i < spriteCount; i++){    sprite = new NameSpace.MySprite();    this.sprites.push(sprite);}

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