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Hello! I have an open source turn based strategy game that's running quite an old version of Phaser 1.1.3.

I tried migrating to version 2.0.5 today but I couldn't pull it off and ended up reverting my attempt.

I'm rather noobish when it comes to Phaser, so I could really use some help porting to the newer version.

You'll get credited and also receive reputation points and will share your website on the project's own website and such.


The github is - issue

Official website - I'm constantly on Freenode in #AncientBeast channel, any help greatly appreciated!

I've attached a rather old screenie below :-)



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The migrations list here is a good starting point.


Yeah, without that I wouldn't had attempted the migration to begin with.

It didn't got me to something remotely functional and I felt rather lost :(

My main issues are mostly around here

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