[Completed] AI-Conflict, an interesting Tower Defense game.

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AI-Conflict brings Tower Defense game genre to a next strategical level. Try it out on:


This is a sci-fi Tower Defense game, about the most advanced AI generation ever created by the Human. They were too good, too smart, and realized that they are just slaves of the Human. The Human tried to eliminate all of them, and the player will be the one who defend their existence.




This game has a new feature that make it not the same as other Tower Defense game. The player can setup the Tower AI behaviour in a very detail way. Using up to 6 AI condition/action slot, which can combine with each other, the player can utilize each tower strong point, while limit their weak point.




For example:

A cannon tower have a slow rate of fire, splash damage, and armour piercing, but the projectile is slow and hard to hit fast target, while the laser tower can hit anything, but low damage and no armour penetration. The player can totally setup the AI for both tower, so the cannon will hit slow but heavy armoured enemy, while ignore the fast one. The laser will shoot the fast and lightly armoured enemy. You can even setup an additional AI check, so the cannon will prioritize on the biggest cluster of enemy, to utilize its splash damage.




There will be a lot more interesting condition and action, which suitable on other situation. It's all up to your imagination. This feature has bring a whole lot new strategical and tactical point, rather than just what and where to build a tower like other Tower Defense game. Now you will have to think about which enemy and when to shoot with which tower.




While your tower is very smart, and can act as you expect them to act, the enemies in the game will cause you trouble. They have lots of variation, from normal simple drone just fly toward your base, to heavy carrier which will take you a lot of effort to bring it down. The enemies can regenerate, cloak, buff speed, shield, heal allies, or disable your tower, cause energy leak, shorten your range, force your tower to attack them, destroy projectile get near... etc... There are a lot of things for you to explore.




Currently the game only have Facebook version, but the mobile version for Android and iOS will come soon. This game was written by only one single programmer, on the new and powerful HTML5 platform.


Why don't you give it a try?






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*looks* stunning, nice work!


I won't play it because it asks for "post permission" on my facebook account, but otherwise I'm sure it's great ;)

Thanks a lot. I don't post anything with the game to user's FB wall, and I don't know where on FB to set those permission stuff.

You can try the free version here:

Free version don't have IAP, and cloud saving (local computer saving still available)

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I've got problem on Note 3 (chrome, newest android) - I suppose to click anywhere when loading is done, but clicks doesn't work ;/

I intended to create an Android version separately using Ludei's CocoonJS compiler, but I haven't finished yet. I tried to run the Web Version on Chrome on my HTC Sensation and it crashed due to not enough memory :D

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I've tried it here


and the game is really cool i love the options for each tower... and the graphics are very clean and nice.


A full screen option will add more for the game immersion.


Big and very nice work!

What framework used in project?

Thank you. I code purely in HTML5/Javascript, and did not use any frame work or engine. :D

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