Help choosing a framework for a card game

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Hi, I'm new to HTML5 game development and I need help choosing a framework that best suits my needs.


I'm trying to make a multiplayer card game that uses Facebook login to manage users. I've worked as a web designer for a few years now so I don't want to stray too far away from my comfort zone. I'm not very familiar with canvas. I'd like something that is lightweight and preferably uses SVG for graphics. I'd also like to do animations in CSS where possible because I'm familiar with it. Think: AngularJS for games?  :D



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I would highly recommend doing something like this in Hype (

You can design the views and transitions there, and then add your game logic in a Javascript file. For example, I wrote a Hype view controller (

If not for the final version of the game, you could prototype it very quickly in Hype.

You could also wrap the app within AngularJS or another library for user management or Facebook login.

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