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async image loader

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hi there 
I have a problem like mine. I want to upload pictures from an address now. necessarily have to make it through, but staying in preload. Once the game starts loading can not I?
preload:function() {'profilepic','');}profileButtonAction:function() {        profileButton.loadTexture('profilepic');}
i want;
profileButtonAction:function() {'profilepic','');        profileButton.loadTexture('profilepic');}

or async image loader?

Please do not solve these issues

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Hi, I've done something like that and it seems to work all right so far:

function _fileComplete(progress, cacheKey, success, totalLoaded, totalFiles) {    if (success) this.loadTexture(cacheKey);}function dynamicLoadImage(game, x, y, url, fallback, key) {    if (typeof key === 'undefined') key = 'dynamicLoad_' + url;    if (game.cache.checkImageKey(key)) {        return game.add.image(x, y, key);    } else {        var image = game.add.image(x, y, fallback);        var loader = new Phaser.Loader(game);        loader.image(key, url);        loader.onFileComplete.addOnce(_fileComplete, image);        loader.start();        return image;    }}

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