RunJoeRun! (IGMC Submission)

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Hi guys, 


Do not know if you know, but last month began IGMC (Indie Game Maker Contest),

a contest in which you have a month to develop a complete game and with the

gameplay revolving around 1 hour. 


This is my submission: RunJoeRun!


RunJoeRun! It is a platform runner style game. It was developed in HTML5/JS

using my own engine called Uai.js. I use Node-webkit to generate the .exe too.













Game's page on the event: 


Direct link to the game: 


Play it online:


If you like the game, please consider to vote in RunJoeRun! in IGMC.  

You only need to register on the site (just e-mail, username and password)

and click in the "Vote +1" button (Ends on July 7).


Please, if you can, share in your social networks .

Thanks for all,


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