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[Phaser][WIP] Space X

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Hello Everyone,


I'd like to announce my first game written in Phaser. I'm really loving Phaser and everything you can do with it. I created an endless runner with a space theme loosely based on the game jetpack joyride. I'm still working on finishing up some of the details but the game is very much playable and I'm open to any comments or suggestions you may have.


You can play the game here:


Credits for assets used are available here: Credits


Basic rundown of game play:


  • You tap or click to fly your ship higher (gravity is based on the Arcade physics engine)
  • Collect minerals to increase your score
  • Collect energy to be able to fire your laser (laser fires automatically as long as you have energy available)
  • Collect a shield power-up to be able to avoid one collision
  • Avoid Asteroids (brown can be destroyed, silver are indestructible)
  • Enemies spawn periodically, each with unique abilities
  • Shooting Asteroids and Enemies also increases your score

Here are some screenshots of game play.






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Hey,  Love the look of this game, quick suggestion...


Maybe put some kind of jet effect (pointing down) coming out of the ship, took me a few deaths to realise this had flappy bird type controls.


....also I'm unclear of when the laser fires, am I controlling that?

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I agree with your suggestions, my plan is to modify the main menu screen with some information about the game play so it's easier to learn the mechanics. The laser fires automatically every couple of seconds if you have energy available, I'm planning on adding a little laser charge meter that will fill slowly over time to show when the laser is going to fire. I wanted to keep the controls to a bare minimum for supporting touch interfaces/mobile.


Originally I had the laser auto-fire at targets when lined up, but the game was far too easy, I may play with the idea again in the form of different laser power-ups. 


Thanks for the feedback!

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I've made an update to the game. I feel it's pretty well finished up at this point, just need to finish up play testing and handle any other player feedback.


If you haven't tried it yet, please give it a whirl and let me know what you think. Specifically looking for comments on difficulty, too hard, too easy, just right etc. If you run into any bugs also please share what you find.


Update to v.64



* Fixed issue where enemy types didn't correct randomly spawn during play

* Fixed issue with high scores display

* Added display of version information on main menu

* Added Laser meter bar to indicate to player when laser will fire

* Added credits screen

* Added tutorial screen


Thanks for any feeback!

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