mesh.moveWithCollisions acting strangely

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I'm trying get mesh.movewithcollisions working, and I'm not sure why the player sphere is partially intersecting the sphere and the plane. I have some physics in the scene, but turning them off doesn't change the result.


html: http://jesseolsson.github.io/bug_movewithcollisions/

javascript: http://jesseolsson.github.io/bug_movewithcollisions/index.js

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In your Vector3,  you put 0 on the Y position, which has the effect of leaving your object's position or you put it on its height "2" => cube.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 2, 0)

if you made -0.1, it'll work.


cube.moveWithCollisions (new BABYLON.Vector3 (0,01, -0.1, 0));

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