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[WIP] Mionzin, an Arcade Shooter early prototype

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Hello everyone,

It have been a while. This is the result of my third attempt to make a game(at least a playable prototype) within 40 hours. The prototype is playable at



"Mionzin" ("Jar of flame", in Fongbe, my mother tongue) is a 2D shooter, inspired by the classic Breakout arcade game. This is a bit rough, maybe incomplete, as i didn't have enough time to polish it, and had to cut a few features. I'm planning to release some updates as I add new content/features.


Monzin have been tested on desktop (non-IE), but it should THEORITICALLY work on touch devices too. Use mouse(finger) to move the jar around and left click(tap) to shoot.


Please take a few minutes to check it out, and tell me what you think of it. All remarks are welcomed. Thanks



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