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IndexedDB Chrome & Textures

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1)  I was looking to implement indexedDB for my project but quickly realised chrome doesn't support textures yet, however after a bit of searching I found this:


So support is now in the dev version, and looks to be coming to the stable version soon. Does this need any changes to babylon or will it automatically work when chrome gets the updated? I amusing the dev version but can't tell if it's working or not!



2) A lot of my textures are brought in at run-time (not from within a scene), such as with the skybox example. Is there anyway to get these retained in indexedDB? If not is this something that can be added to the roadmap?

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Yes, I have written the code in order to become compatible the day Chrome will support it by using a feature detection like approach. I've updated my article to mention it a couple of weeks ago:

So, to answer your question, yes it now works with the latest version of Chrome :) You can verify it by using the F12 of Chrome and check the content of the IDB. It should now contain your textures.

You can use IDB by code if not using a manifest. I need to write a little sample to show how.



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