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My jigsaw game: Safari Jigsaw

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Hi guys,


Yesterday I submitted my first finished Google Play game, which also happens to be an HTML5 game. I do not have a site where you can play the "free" version yet (soon, I think), but you can download it on the Google Play store if you have an Android device. Check it out!


I used Crosswalk-Cordova to package the Chromium 37 browser in the game, which added about 15 megabytes.


My game has a number of items that most other jigsaw puzzle games don't, and one that I haven't seen in any other jigsaw puzzle game --  procedurally generated jigsaw pieces. I'm going to quote my Google Play entry to summarize:



Embark on an African safari with this incredible jigsaw game! A variety of Africa's land critters (plus the flamingo, crowned crane, and ostrich) await your assembly.

* Uniquely random puzzles: jigsaw pieces are procedurally generated. Even with hundreds of pieces, no two will be exactly alike!

*12 colorful puzzles and three difficulty levels for you to explore. The Premium version offers 48 different puzzles and four difficulty levels.

* Win 36 unique trophies, or one per difficulty level! View your trophies in the trophy room or in a banner above the playing area. The Premium version offers 192 trophies, with 146 unique trophy graphics!

* Gather one to three medals for finishing a puzzle at speed... different medals per difficulty level, from bronze to gold. Keep track of your best times, per puzzle and difficult level. Unlock a bejeweled medal in the Premium version.

* Never lose your place -- puzzle progress is saved after each piece move!

* At least one animal vocalization or related sound effect per animal species, which plays on the puzzle load or on demand in the options screen.

* Use the pinch-to-zoom gesture on the puzzle area to zoom in on puzzles with many pieces!

* One-of-a-kind "Basket" feature. Categorize your jigsaw pieces (e.g.: by color or appearance) in separate tabs before solving the puzzle!

* Dynamically shaded 2.5D jigsaw pieces enhance your puzzle experience.

* A variety of graphics settings to toggle. Play with a minimal UI, hide or show the category sets, hide or show the timer, add or hide outlines, toggle piece combination, and more.

This free version, supported by ads, provides 12 different jigsaw puzzles for you to explore. Support this game's further development (and more puzzle games like this!) by buying the premium version, with 48 different puzzles, bejeweled medals, and 146 unique trophy graphics!


Would appreciate comments, bug reports, and suggestions. Thanks!

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