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Hey guys, I finished my entry for js13kGames 2014. It's a simple tower defense game made with JavaScript for game logic and HTML/CSS for rendering. I wasn't able to pack in all of the features I wanted due to size and time constraints, but I am still somewhat pleased with how it turned out. I've always wanted to make a tower defense. It was a lot of fun, but one of the most challenging things is balance. There are so many different things that can be tweaked and tuned and it's tough to do it right.


Play Elematter Here





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Played it on js13kgames couple of days ago and completed it. Nice game, especially if you take in consideration that it's under 13Kb!

I have the same concern as Sebastian - bosses always pass through my turrets, I didn't manage to kill any of them :)

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While the presentation is very polished, the gameplay lacked the requisite challenge.


I completed the game and had some fun doing it, but:

  • the normal enemies died with hardly any trouble without implementing any special strategy (I just put money randomly into all kinds of level 1 turrets)
  • the boss enemies I wasn't able to even dent
  • but, I still won despite letting all the bosses through

Could be a fun little tower-defense game, but like you said in the OP - it would need some more balance work to provide the needed challenge.

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