Mindmapping and interactive education to a new level - A Challenge

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Hello, everyone


I am presenting a project which will be a good contender to immersive navigation environment, but the immediate goal is a mindmapping tool.

Programmers skilled in 3d, dataminning, integrating big data, and others will be essencial to the development.


A challenge is here for programmers who dwell in visual thinking and make use of mindmaps and would like to improve them.

A challenge to build a 3d environment for mindmaping, with stunning compartmentalization and interaction, recursiveness, big data integration, and enhanced visualization.


I have a couple of ideas on how to proceed for a good base, and a couple of interconnected mindmaps I would gladly beta test on, and I'm sure if we share to the mindmaping community, new ideas and concepts will emerge to better a product that will be, ultimatelly, a dynamic tool for all sorts of navigation and interaction with data.


V2.0 will include a separate class which retrieves and catalogues your browser favorites, retrieves the tags from each, and draws the relations inspired by what was achieved here, then creating an interactive representation.

But that's for later...


I am a private individual, I don't have commercial interests in this endeavour, and am willing to share the ideas with people interested, and with the ability to do it, so I can see it come true.


I initially posted this before reading the guidelines, for which I apologize.

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I would like to discuss this further if you are still interested. I've noticed that is now showing 404... although some time ago there was a demo there. We are working on a 3d mindmapping tool and I would like to get in touch to share some ideas and get feedback. Appreciate if you could send a private message or reply here.

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