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we are looking to find someone can help us to build a simple puzzle game. The user will be asked to build an chain, moving all elements in the correct space.

Every piece placed in the correct space will UNBLOCK a CHAPTER of a STORY.

Every chapter is composed by: Title + Image + Audio + Text.

When the chain is finished the user will have opportunity toi follow the full story from first to last chapter.

I attach at the bottom a simple examplke of what i mean.

REQUIRED: compatibility with all browsers + tablet compatibility

Suggested Tecnologies of implementation can be: Adobe Animation Edge. But we are ready to see it done also in your language u know better. For us insdipendent.



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Looks like a cool idea, but the actual game part of this seems really boring. You just put down an element and hope it's in the right place and that's all you do to finish the game. Their should be at least some skill involved, something which maybe relates to the story. I mean, why are you randomly putting elements down?

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