[Phaser, casual, complete] Pandalicious

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Our humble attempt to create game with Jelly Splash game mechanic which is my favourite among all match3-like games.


Game was intentionally developed as simple witouth many features. I wanted to see how html5 publishers will accept this game. 


But we are going to develop sequel with levels map, different tasks and all that stuff.


So we need your feedback to polish this one and use it as base for sequel.


Game was exclusively licensed by SoftGames and available there also - http://m.softgames.de/games/play/pandalicious



Thanks in advance!




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honestly, i don't know what kind of polish you may add, i tested your games on very old devices and it works nice with sounds and smooth animations. Maybe make the level goal with bigger fruits or add anims to the panda but it's already very good looking.

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There is one thing that stuck out and that you might want to address in future editions.. you do actually have scores in your game, you even have parts of the mechanics giving bonus scores (special fruits that pop at level exit), but the only time you actually show the score is at the game over screen.


Other than that it's flawless.

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I really like this game: Smooth animations, is running on any device, nice sounds and a great gameplay! I am impressed!

So am I. The games of liquidrainbow.net team are very good. Nice sounds, pictures and animations.

It makes me learn and practice Phaser so exciting. I based on their games a lot :)

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